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Central Asian Studies

Possible qualifications

Master (minor)



English knowledge; basic Russian also re-quired for Mongolian Studies and Central Asian Turkic Studies.


The minor in Central Asian Studies focuses on classical and modern Mongolian, classical Tibetan, or a central Asian Turkic language (Kazakh, Tuvan, Uzbek or basic Chagatai).The programme is divided into three areas:- Language (classical Mongolian, classical Tibetan or an Asian Turkic language)- Source literature- Arts subjects (history, literature, religion, ethnography etc.).

Universität Leipzig's BA degree includes (as a rule) a Core Subject, one or more Elective Subjects and the Professional Qualifications Modules.

Study Guide

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Possible qualifications Admission Restriction Immatriculation Standard Period of Study
Master (minor) - W 9


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies

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